We offer a range of hand finishes including Painted, Stained, Metal Leaf, and Water Gilded using a variety of precious metals.

Our frames are handmade and constructed using only superior materials to ensure quality stability and longevity. Our aim is to minimise and eliminate corner cracking.

In conjunction with our moulding supplier we offer a range of unique profiles in short runs of as little as 100ft. Some of the timbers that we use includes Obeche, Pine, Ash, Ramin, Cherry, Larch, Maple, Walnut and Oak.

Our customers can commission a specific moulding and finish for an individual artwork, exhibition or setting.

We constantly review and develop our processes and embrace new techniques and materials from other industries to provide new ranges of finishes.

We offer three ranges of frame finishes.  These can be customised to suit the customer’s needs.  The main differences in our ranges are detailed below.

Single colour / waxedaddCheckaddRedXaddCheck
Paint with a washaddRedXaddCheckaddCheck
Painted with metal leafaddRedXaddCheckaddCheck
Full Gesso applicationaddRedXaddRedXaddCheck
Gilding with precious metalsaddRedXaddRedXaddCheck
Standard Gesso slipoptionaloptionaladdCheck