This page will be updated frequently with company updates and examples of the work we carry out for our customers.

David Smith, Artist

The work of David Smith focuses on the landscapes and seascapes of the Western Seaboard and Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  He also creates boat and still life paintings.  This is a recent still life framed by Artists Surfaces. To see more of his work visit...

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Robert Kelsy, Artist

Robert Kelsey primarily depicts the coastal landscapes of Western Scotland and its adjacent islands. He also paints such disparate locations as the Mediterranean, Suffolk and Cornwall.  This was a recent image framed by Artists Surfaces. For more information visit his...

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George Mark

George Mark is a sculptor based in the West of Scotland who sells his work both in the UK and internationally.  He works in various clays and all of his pieces are unique. In addition to sculptures he now creates framed reliefs.  Some recent examples of these, framed...

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